API and libraries for generating travelsheds from OSM & GTFS data
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GeoTrellis Transit

GeoTrellis Transit is a data loader and set of web services run in an embedded Jetty server that answer questions about travel times and transit sheds. The project also includes a demo client application that hits these endpoints, and running example of which can be found at transit.geotrellis.com.

This project was done in collaboration with TechImpact and with support from the William Penn Foundation.


  • Vagrant 1.9.5
  • VirtualBox 5.1+
  • AWS CLI 1.11+
  • AWS Account (to access S3)

Getting Started

To provision a VM and fetch our pre-ingested travelsheds made from OSM and GTFS data:

$ ./scripts/setup
$ vagrant ssh

This will download data into ./service/graph/.


Helper and development scripts are located in the ./scripts directory at the root of this project. These scripts are designed to encapsulate and perform commonly used actions such as starting a development server, accessing a development console, or running tests.

Script Name Purpose
update Pulls/builds necessary containers
setup Provisions the VM, fetch OSM/GTFS data.
server Starts a development server that listens at http://localhost:9999
console Gives access to a running container via docker-compose run
test Runs tests for project
cibuild Invoked by CI server and makes use of test.
cipublish Build JAR and publish container images to container image repositories.


Run all the tests:

$ ./scripts/test