Redirect spring boot logs to elastic search via fluentd
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Spring boot logs redirected to Elastic Search via fluentd.

The necessary configuration for Elastic Search is in the docker-compose file.


Run fluentd + elastic search + kibana

docker-compose up -d

Then go to http://${DOCKER_HOST}:5601 (ie, http://localhost:5601 or your docker machine ip) to see the Kibana dashboard.

Run the application with your IDE. If neither FLUENTD_HOST nor DOCKER_HOST variable are set, the logger will try to connect to fluentd on localhost.

You can customize the FLUENTD_HOST and FLUENTD_PORT environment variables to point to your docker-machine IP.

For instance, on my mac, I run the application with FLUENTD_HOST=


Uses a logback appender to redirect logs to fluentd.

See src/main/resources/logback.xml for more information.