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Geografische zoek- en toondienst. This is the web application. More documentation is available at the website below and the readme
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git clone

* jstools:
* Maven 3

Download Ext 3.2.1 from

cd jsbuild/ext
mkdir lib

Copy the following Ext packages (from pkgs subdir in download) into jsbuild/ext/lib:

* data-foundation-debug.js
* ext-foundation-debug.js
* pkg-tips-debug.js
* cmp-foundation-debug.js
* ext-dd-debug.js

Copy the following adapter into lib as well (from adapter/jquery/ext-jquery-adapter-debug.js):

* ext-jquery-adapter-debug.js

Run the build-all script (either the .sh version of de .cmd version)

Verify that 4 js files got created:

ls -l ../geozet-webapp/src/main/webapp/static/js/

Build the webapp:

cd ../geozet-webapp

To run the webapp locally you can do:

mvn jetty:run

from the geozet-webapp directory

To build the docs for the webapp (including UML diagrams if you have dot installed, if you don't omit the havedot option) use:

mvn -Dhavedot=true site
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