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Cake Task Action

Runs a Cake task defined in a build.cake in the root of the repository. The file containing your Cake tasks can be overridden via environment variables.

Success Criteria

This action succeeds if the Cake task completes without error.


action "cake test" {
    # Replace <latest tag> with the latest tag from
    uses = "gep13/cake-actions/task@<latest tag>"

    # If you need to change the default build.cake name specify here.
    # See Environment Variables below for details.
    env = {
        CAKE_SCRIPT = "./build.cake"

    # The Cake task to execute
    args = ["Test"]

Environment Variables

Name Default Description
CAKE_SCRIPT "./build.cake" The default Cake Script to execute


Arguments to the Task action determine what Cake task to execute.

Execute the test Cake task.

action "cake test" {
    args = ["Test"]