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AttributeRangeFilter returns main graph when nothing matches filter #435

mbastian opened this Issue Oct 22, 2011 · 1 comment

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When you apply a NodeAttributeRangeFilter with a given range that doesn't match any node (or edge, in the case of an EdgeAttributeRangeFilter), a GraphView which is equal to the original main graph is returned.

Here's an example code, suppose that all the nodes have the attributeColumn in the range [0, +inf[ (i.e. strictly positive):

AttributeRangeFilter filter = new
Query query = filterController.createQuery(filter);
// this shouldn't match any nodes
filter.setRange(new Range(-10, -5));

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(by luizribeiro)
I have attached a JUnit Test class in which NodeAttributeRangeFilter fails several tests.

@mbastian mbastian was assigned Nov 18, 2011
@mbastian mbastian closed this Nov 18, 2011
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