Edge pencil: unable to set edge directedness #549

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sheymann commented Mar 8, 2012

Edges created with the Edge Pencil are directed, however the user would either want to create undirected edges. As the Data Lab ask this to the user, we should also have a combo box as an option of the Edge Pencil to allow the user setting it.


When I open an existing data, it let me choose the type of the graph, directed, undirected or mixed. Then edges created with the Edge Pencil should accommodate with the choice. In this way, we only let user choose edge type when using Edge Pencil to create edges in mixed graph.
There is another case. I observe when I create a new graph under the menu item. The type of the graph is directed by default. I think we should let user to choose the type he or she wants.

edubecks commented Apr 3, 2012

Fix #549 I provided an alternative to solve the edge directedness, it would be nice to have the option to set the graph to directed/undirected/mixed type from a context panel.


I think there is no need to add two edges in the undirected graph. The type of the edge can be determined according to the graph model, directed, undirected or mixed. But I find that, when I open a existing graph, it let me choose the type of the graph. However, if I choose a mixed type, the type information showing in the context panel is still undirected. When I step into the code in debug mode, I find the graph is an instance of undirected graph. Is it a bug? By the way, I agree with you that it would be nice to have the option to set the graph to directed/undirected/mixed type from a context panel, especially when user create a new project.

lbertelo commented Apr 4, 2012

I'm writing some code which add a JComboBox to set the edge directedness. If the graph is directed the default value is directed else it's undirected. If you add a directed edge to the undirected graph or vice versa, the graph become mixed (it's the same way as add edge by the Data Laboratory).


I have also written one. I add a JComboBox, enable and disable it according to the graph type. Only when the graph is mixed, the JComboBox is enabled. But the default type is directed when creating a new graph. I think we must let user to choose the graph type.


Fixed on commit 9dcf00c

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