How to build the Gephi Toolkit

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This helps you to build the latest version of the Gephi Toolkit from the source code. If you just want to use a toolkit release, you can download it here. The Gephi Toolkit is based on exactly the same source code as Gephi is, it is just a different way to select and packages modules.

Build Toolkit


Go to the source code root folder, where build.xml file is and type in a command-line

ant toolkit

That compiles and builds all modules and package the final JAR in the toolkit folder. You need to have ANT installed, with version >= 1.8.

From Netbeans

  • As explained in How to build Gephi, open Gephi project in Netbeans.
  • Expand the project and then Important Files.
  • Right click on Build script, select Run target and finally toolkit.

Got to the toolkit directory that has just been created in the source directory to get the toolkit JAR.

Build Toolkit Javadoc

The toolkit Javadoc is the same as the Gephi API + some 'Plugin' modules accessible from the Toolkit. To build the toolkit Javadoc, use the toolkit-javadoc target

ant toolkit-javadoc