How to compute a metric

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This Toolkit Example is part of the toolkit-demos project, that can be downloaded from the website.

How to execute a metric algorithm and get the result for each node. The algorithm write values in a column it creates. It is also possible to get the statistics report, as in Gephi. See the list of implemented metrics.

//Get graph model and attribute model of current workspace
GraphModel graphModel = Lookup.getDefault().lookup(GraphController.class).getModel();
AttributeModel attributeModel = Lookup.getDefault().lookup(AttributeController.class).getModel();
//Get Centrality
GraphDistance distance = new GraphDistance();
distance.execute(graphModel, attributeModel);
//Get Centrality column created
AttributeColumn col = attributeModel.getNodeTable().getColumn(GraphDistance.BETWEENNESS);
//Iterate over values
for (Node n : graph.getNodes()) {
   Double centrality = (Double)n.getNodeData().getAttributes().getValue(col.getIndex());
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