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  • flip the graph horizontally or vertically (Geometric transformation plug-in)
  • tree layout
  • hyperbolic layout (see this thread)
  • bipartite (and multipartite) graph layout (see this thread and this one)


  • Option to size meta-nodes according to the #nodes having a specific attribute value. Currently, it is according to #nodes.


  • Add the support of edge weight in the centrality measures: betweenness, closeness, eccentricity. [issue #557]
  • When computing Shortest Paths, add an option in the metrics panel to save the paths in a new attribute column (of type String List).


  • Zoom in / Zoom out
  • A lasso type selection
  • Painter Tool, color applies incrementally, good idea ?
  • Ability to move nodes selected with the Rectangle Tool.
  • Pruning: removing all but the top edges per node
  • Ability to add node and edge attributes in editing window
  • Invert selection, add to selection, subtract from selection, intersect with selection
  • Select a component by clicking on its node
  • Node Eraser: removing nodes under the cursor's click surface; the diameter of the surface is variable (like Photoshop)
  • Edge Eraser
  • Hops/traversal depth: hide nodes beyond the limit of hops from a selected node.
  • Edit edge
  • Add an eye dropper for picking colors directly from other nodes
  • Group a node and all the nodes it's connected to
  • Local layout on a given group (see forum topic)
  • Local layout on selected nodes
  • Undo last action
  • Edge painter


  • Supports list attributes
  • Keep edges with a particular rule on source node and another rule on target node. (not sufficiently defined)
  • Allow creation of a filter over a variable max distance parameter from a specific node. i.e: Filter all the nodes within a distance of X starting from node N. (Although the heatmap allows highlighting it doesn't allow filtering nor max distance variation).


  • video recoding, with output either video format or a series of PNG [issue #558]


  • autosave the current project every xx minutes


  • Support for hyperedges
  • Create adjacency matrix from Graph
  • Our nodes of graph should support multi shapes. For example circle or Cafe24 screenshots triangle.
  • I want to draw the nodes of graph in the pie-chart shap to explain the overlpping partition of the network . The fractions of a pie-chart shows the probility of a node belonging to different communities. If anyone knows how to achieve the gole please contact me:


  • Fullscreen mode with only the graph, and maybe the timeline.
  • Option to disable fast pan on Graph window using right-click on the mouse.
  • Reorganize tools groups (see forum topic)
  • Write "Require reboot" on settings panels
  • Copy/paste from an opened Excel file
  • Option to correlate the drag of a group node to its children (see forum topic)
  • Widgets to zoom in/out, rotate and incline the graph view in Overview.
  • Copy/Paste selection in Edit menu
  • Shortcuts to pan ("spacebar") and zoom ("z") (see forum topic)
  • Merging the Selection and Move tools
  • Search panel added as a Viz addon (like Hierarchy) to search nodes on their ID and Labels. The user can browse the results with Prev/Next buttons. The search supports regular expressions.


  • Nodes as images, loaded from URI attributes
  • Background image
  • Keep ratio in screenshots
  • Allow linebreaks for better readability of long text labels see this post on forum
  • Palette support. For example, the partitioning tool can sometimes suggest a large number of partitions. It would be great if the colors could be chosen from a predefined palette to make visualizations more pleasant.
  • Hide edge labels based on selection, like nodes


  • Dynamic Graph SQL see this post on forum
  • Access DB connector
  • Import Pajek vector files to support attributes
  • Import Pajek partition files
  • JPG export
  • Option to force re-casting attributes instead of using string by default (useful when type is not well defined in file)
  • Merge parallel edges in dynamic mode, in GEXF import
  • Export SVG with 3D/Shaded nodes as in Pajek


  • merging 2 partitions and assigning all the nodes the color that nodes of the chosen partition have.
  • Supports list attributes

Data Table

  • Display color and size columns (not by default).
  • Display the "Settle" value of nodes (not by default).
  • Join external tabular data (spreadsheet) using any column into gephi.


  • Cartography maker with automatic legend (colors, sizes) + title and paragraph of description
  • Choosing text position [issue #560]


  • Palette controller - save user palette
  • "Absolute" node size and edge width to allow comparisons between graphs (respect of scales in parameters)
  • Gremlin integration (see this thread)
  • Plug-in to manage external tools so that one can call an external program and re-use the results, like in CIShell
  • Binding to R like in Visone


  • When uninstall, option to keep preferences (see InnoSetup options)

Project Management

  • Use Maven for building (advantage: built-in dependency management for additional libs)? (see this GSoC proposal)
  • script to execute before commit, which check if a module has been changed to increment its version inside Module/
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