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How to cite Gephi?

If you have found Gephi helpful in your research, please consider citing the paper published at AAAI ICWSM’09. By doing this, you contribute to the recognition of tool-building as a valuable scientific activity that has impact.

Cite Gephi:

Bastian M., Heymann S., Jacomy M. (2009). Gephi: an open source software for exploring and manipulating networks. International AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media.


author = {Mathieu Bastian and Sebastien Heymann and Mathieu Jacomy},
title = {Gephi: An Open Source Software for Exploring and Manipulating Networks},
conference = {International AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media},
year = {2009},
keywords = {network;network science;visualization;graph exploration;open source;free software;dynamic network;interactive interface;graph;force vector;java;OpenGL;3-D visualization;user-centric;graph layout;complex graph rendering;network analysis;webatlas},
abstract = {Gephi is an open source software for graph and network analysis. It uses a 3D render engine to display large networks in real-time and to speed up the exploration. A flexible and multi-task architecture brings new possibilities to work with complex data sets and produce valuable visual results. We present several key features of Gephi in the context of interactive exploration and interpretation of networks. It provides easy and broad access to network data and allows for spatializing, filtering, navigating, manipulating and clustering. Finally, by presenting dynamic features of Gephi, we highlight key aspects of dynamic network visualization.},
url = {}

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Publications in conferences and workshops

  • download. Visual Analysis of Complex Networks for Business Intelligence with Gephi. Sébastien Heymann and Bénédicte Le Grand. to appear in the Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on Visualisation and Business Intelligence, in conjunction with the 17th International Conference Information Visualisation (IV 2013 - VBI).
  • download. Gephi: An Open Source Software for Exploring and Manipulating Networks. BASTIAN, M.; HEYMANN, S.; JACOMY, M. (2009): International AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media, North America, mar. 2009 (ICWSM09).

Journal articles

  • download. ForceAtlas2, A Continuous Graph Layout Algorithm for Handy Network Visualization designed for the Gephi software. Mathieu Jacomy, Tommaso Venturini, Sebastien Heymann, and Mathieu Bastian. in PLoS ONE 9(6): e98679. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0098679.

Book chapters

  • download. Exploratory Network Analysis: Visualization and Interaction. Sébastien Heymann and Bénédicte Le Grand. to appear in Hocine Cherifi (editor), Complex Networks and their Applications, Cambridge University Press.

  • download. Gephi. Sébastien Heymann. to appear in the Encyclopedia of Social Networks and Mining (ESNAM), Springer.


  • download. Gephi: the Open Graph Visualization Platform. Bastian M., Heymann S., at the International Sunbelt Social Network Conference (INSNA Sunbelt 30), Riva del Garda, 2010.
  • download. Using Computer Games Techniques for Improving Graph Visualization Efficiency. Bastian M., Heymann S., Jacomy M., at Eurographics/ IEEE-VGTC Symposium on Visualization (2010) (EuroVis 2010), Bordeaux, 2010. abstract.