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My oh-my-zsh pitchfork theme. It makes me happy.
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Arm the mobs of oh-my-zsh

This is an extendable powerful oh-my-zsh theme, that is slowly becoming a system in its own right.

Currently, this is recognizable as a simple oh-my-zsh theme.

Going forward, this will begin to support more "Prongs" as I integrate it with other cool, well-written oh-my-zsh plugins.

Alt text

Here's what's currently supported:

╭hostname▹ working_directory directory stack contents

├──git───▹ branch_tag_or_ref current repository status

├──svn───▹ subversion_repo_path

├──env───▹ python_virtualenvironment_name


Depends on the oh-my-zsh virtualenv and dirstack plugins.

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