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Apr 06, 2010

  1. Jeremy Ashkenas

    Even though it's not really part of the API, making _.isEmpty work wi…

    …th Strings cross-browser.
    jashkenas authored

Apr 04, 2010

  1. AJ ONeal

    Fixed documentation typo. Renamed _.isFuction to _.isString.

    coolaj86 authored

Mar 23, 2010

  1. Jeremy Ashkenas

    Underscore 1.0.2, with a fixed _.isArguments for Opera

    jashkenas authored

Mar 19, 2010

  1. Jeremy Ashkenas

    Underscore 1.0.1 -- bugfix release for _.isEqual

    jashkenas authored

Mar 18, 2010

  1. Jeremy Ashkenas

    Underscore 1.0

    jashkenas authored

Mar 14, 2010

  1. Jeremy Ashkenas

    adding a version number to package.json -- the format has changed

    jashkenas authored

Mar 05, 2010

  1. Jeremy Ashkenas

    merging ratbeard's patch for allowing multiple arguments to be passed…

    … to extend, with docs
    jashkenas authored
  2. Mike Frawley

    enhance #extend to allow taking multiple source objects.

    This is done in jquery, extjs, and others as well.
    added tests, no docs
    ratbeard authored jashkenas committed
  3. Jeremy Ashkenas

    comment grammar

    jashkenas authored

Feb 27, 2010

  1. Jeremy Ashkenas

    merging mrjjwright's isBoolean, with tests, docs, and credit

    jashkenas authored
  2. John Wright

    added _.isBoolean function

    mrjjwright authored

Feb 26, 2010

  1. Mike Frawley

    remove unused index variable in forEach

    ratbeard authored

Feb 24, 2010

  1. Jeremy Ashkenas

    Changelog bump.

    jashkenas authored
  2. Jeremy Ashkenas

    Underscore 0.6 is on the books. Think of it as a pre-release of 1.0

    jashkenas authored
  3. Jeremy Ashkenas

    A whole slew of IE fixes and safety guards.

    jashkenas authored
  4. Jeremy Ashkenas

    added documentation for _.mixin

    jashkenas authored
  5. Jeremy Ashkenas

    it's now 2010, and adding a list of contributors (everyone who's ever…

    … gotten a patch in)
    jashkenas authored
  6. Jeremy Ashkenas

    move the OOP-setup bits down into that section for clarity. JavaScrip…

    …t allows this it's pre-declaration pass.
    jashkenas authored
  7. Jeremy Ashkenas

    adding an _.mixin utility function that allows you to add functions t…

    …o Underscore (also used internally)
    jashkenas authored
  8. Jeremy Ashkenas

    added documentation for _.times

    jashkenas authored
  9. Jeremy Ashkenas

    don't use root as the default 'this' for a bound function, use an emp…

    …ty object instead.
    jashkenas authored
  10. Jeremy Ashkenas

    reverted _.buildLookup, restoring _.without to it's previous implemen…

    …tation, adding a test for object identity
    jashkenas authored
  11. Jeremy Ashkenas

    avoiding isFunction in _.include

    jashkenas authored
  12. Jeremy Ashkenas

    make the new faster isEmpty a little safer too

    jashkenas authored
  13. Jeremy Ashkenas

    remove the advanced_optimizations concessions and the advanced_optimi…

    …zations rake task. Simple will do.
    jashkenas authored
  14. Jeremy Ashkenas

    camelcase conventions

    jashkenas authored
  15. Jeremy Ashkenas

    waypoint commit on the big merge

    jashkenas authored
  16. Jeremy Ashkenas

    merging ratbeard/closure

    jashkenas authored
  17. Jeremy Ashkenas

    merging ratbeard's numerous improvements

    jashkenas authored
  18. Jeremy Ashkenas

    merging rlfletchers branch with a safer _.template when the template …

    …delimiter includes RegExp characters.
    jashkenas authored
  19. Rick Fletcher

    Escape template delimiters before using them in a RegExp

    rfletcher authored
  20. Rick Fletcher

    Added failing test for quotes in statements with regex-significant ch…

    …aracters in tokens
    rfletcher authored
  21. Rick Fletcher

    Added tests for templates with regex-significant characters in their …

    rfletcher authored
  22. Mike Frawley

    only initWrapper() once. make wrapper constructor accessable as `_._w…

    Previously, there was no way to get at the OO wrapper object.
    So if a user added a custom method on to _, or defined a custom
    alias, it would not be reflected in the wrapper.  Now it is at
    least possible, though there is no API to do it.  I alluded to
    making one in my commit that added _.alias() (which I recently reverted,
    as it added weight to the stripped version), but honestly I think
    the wrapping behavior should go in to a seperate library, not because
    it is bad, but because it is an awesome pattern that I want to use
    on objects other than underscore.
    ratbeard authored
  23. Mike Frawley

    modify rakefile build_advanced to strip off my call to _.initWrapper()

    ratbeard authored
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