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% MongoSample.m
% A sample Matlab script
+% First, we add 3 documents to the collection 'mongoquest.Spells'
+% Each of these documents represents a spell with a name and a level.
+% 2nd, we do a normal query/find loop to display the names of the level 1 spells.
+% 3rd, we update each document to include a flavor field.
+% and lastly, we run another query loop to display both names and flavors of the level 1 spells.
m = Mongo();
@@ -88,3 +88,9 @@ mongo.list(); to list the names of the values stored.
If you find these functions handy and useful, you may want to index 'Matlab.vars' by name:
mongo.indexCreate('Matlab.vars', 'name')
+There is a sample Matlab script which you can run with:
+This simple example demonstrates the most common operations of inserting, updating and
+also the 'usual' query / find loop.

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