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Code and commentary diverged in that short time. Fix.

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1 parent 2f13fae commit b03bea14fab4cf3c28d8f14a057fa7f57922a68a @maxtaco maxtaco committed
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@@ -35,7 +35,8 @@ exports.Scope = class Scope
# super class. This can get complicated if super is being called
# from a closure. getMethodRecurse() will walk up the scope
# tree until it finds the first method object that has a name filled
- # in. It will return an empty method object if none was found
+ # in. It will return the topmost method object otherwise, which may
+ # be null if this is being called from outside a function.
getMethodRecurse: ->
if @method?.name? then @method
else if @parent then @parent.getMethodRecurse()

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