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This is a small energy meter project. It consists of an arduio sketch to run on a Arduino Diecimila. This is used to count pulses from an Home energy-meter with an S-interface found in many homes. Alternatively you could use an extra. And then communicates via a virtual serial port with a python script.

The results are stored in an round robin database.

Currently this is a work in progress with many unknowns and firsts.

  • It is the first time I really program an Arduino to do something usefull.
  • It is the first time i use python as a programming language to do anything.
  • It is unknown if the S interface on my ENTES ES-32L works with 5V (it should though) The ENTES ES-32L IS compatible

For more information see:


Load the sketch to your arduino. Edit the appropiate variables in

  1. python/
  2. python/

Arduino sketch

The arduino sketch is designed to be interrupted when a pulse is there. It then adds this pulse to the ones already there. In the mean time the serial interface is monitored. When a newline is encounterd the loop checks if the command set is given. If not it gives the three values back.

return values

The values are in order:

  1. Reset has occured
  2. current power usage in W
  3. Total power used in Wh

set command

When the command string starts with set the system will take the following integer and populate the nPulses variable with that. It is mainly after a reset since the arduino stores the value in volitale memory.


  • make the interrupt work well

python interface

The python interface was made with Canopy but is currently in a highly unstable state. Software wise. I'll create a better description when I have a somewhat stable set of scripts.

Currently the scripts run though a cron job. Later this should probably become a deamon so that it starts and stops with the system.


  • create test software to check workings of communication
  • make use of config files.
  • create deamon
  • create nice graphs
  • create a nice way to display the graphs
  • rename files to usefull names: is not a usefull name
  • create usefull comments
  • give variables discriptive names: num is not descriptive