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REDADA is an interactive visualization of weighted graphs using GraphML files. It's based on flare Actionscript library.

REDADA exists in two versions: As a simple graph or in addition with a list of nodes showing their name and the amount of connections.

REDADA was developed for YPRODUCTIONS who used it for their mapping projects REDADA ALICANTE y REDADA MURCIA.

Make your own graph

REDADA reads the data from an external GraphML file. If you want to publish your own graph just create an XML file based on your own data.

Every node is defined like that: <node id="100"> <data key="name">Node Name</data> <data key="web"></data> <data key="address">City</data> <data key="type">ind</data> </node>

key=type has three possible values defining color of nodes:

  • ind = independent: green
  • ins = institutional: red
  • com = commercial: blue For sure this is easily changeable in the source code.

Every edge is defined like that: <edge source="47" target="19"> <data key="weight">1</data> </edge>

Here is a complete example file for a working graph with about 100 nodes.

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