PowerShell Module for Interacting with TeamViewer
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Posh-Teamviewer Module

The Teamviewer PowerShell Module allows users to connect and edit device properties using the Teamviewer API. Online Documentation can be found on ReadTheDocs


Install from PSGallery.

PS> Install-Module -Name Posh-Teamviewer

Set Access Token

To get started create a Teamviewer script Access Token. For detailed insctructions follow this guide: Create Script. You can also find the full API Documentation here: API Documentation. Once you have your Access Token, use the command Set-TeamviewerAccessToken to store the Access Token and set the variable $Global:TeamviewerAccessToken. This command encrypts the AccessToken in a file located at $env:APPDATA\Teamviewer using PBKDF2 to derive a key with a Master Password and salt. Special thanks to Carlos Perez for the Code and Help associated with this. Here is an example of Setting the Access Token.

PS> Set-TeamviewerAccessToken -AccessToken '1234-SWDwf23vawef4122345asfg'

Set Access Token

Load Saved Access Token

To Load an encrypted Access Token into the Current Session, run the following Command:

PS> Initialize-Teamviewer -MasterPassword (Read-Host -AsSecureString)

This command will set the following variables:

  • $Global:TeamviewerAccessToken - The Teamviewer Access Token.
  • $Global:TeamviewerConfigPath - The Path to the Teamviewer Appdata Folder.
  • $Global:TeamviewerDeviceList - A stored list of Device Details from the Teamviewer API.

NOTE: Teamviewer requires a Device ID to query that devices information. When Initialize-Teamviewer is used at the start of a session, it runs Set-TeamviewerDeviceList in the background to build an initial list of Device Details. This is to help in situations where an account has a very large number of devices attached to it. Responses could take upwards of 30 or more seconds when gathering information on thousdands of devices. Initialize-Teamviewer may run slightly longer than expected due to this, but keeps the time of the other commands to a minimum.

Updating the Device List

The first way To update the Device List is to use Update-DeviceList. If you need the Device Information to be up to date before running a specific command that relies on this list, a switch parameter -UpdateDeviceList is available that will update the List at the beginning of the command.

Commands and Command Help

Command Help
Connect-Teamviewer Connect-Teamviewer.md
Initialize-Teamviewer Initialize-Teamviewer.md
Set-TeamviewerAccessToken Set-TeamviewerAccessToken.md
Set-TeamviewerDeviceList Set-TeamviewerDeviceList.md
Update-TeamviewerDevice Update-TeamviewerDevice.md