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This project is a proof of concept on 3d side by side video recording by using 2 180º fisheye cameras. The prototype built uses 2 cameras in an array mode to generate a stereographic stream (real time), with the addition of 3d navigation as result of the 3d mapping and a virtual camera within a skydome.

The App counts with 2 major functionalities:

  1. Video recording: files get stored under bin/data/videos.
  2. Video streaming: udp only for now.


The 180º image rectification process is based on the work presented by Paul Burke, here.


Homemade Camera

The protoype requires a custom homemade set of cameras. A pair of 180º cameras imitating the humain eyes. I used a small cardboard box with two holes and a couple of pair of screws.

The camera device looks like this...

And here is where you can find them.

Software in action

App in action - video

Watch the video:


The 3d navigation software is implemented in C++ using OpenFrameworks 0.9. Modules used:

  1. ofxGui for menues and settings
  2. ofVideoGrabber for video capture
  3. ofxVideoRecorder for video recording / live streamming
  4. ofSphere / ofBox for skydome
  5. OpenGL 3.2 - GLSL v150 for image rectification
  6. ffmpeg - video encoding / streaming

Next Steps

  1. Generate real-time video straming for mobile devices (cardboard)
  2. Transmit sphere texture instead of rectified captures, in order to make rectification on the mobile device and have real-time tilt/rotation.
  3. Build 360º views using an array of 4-5 cameras.



Stereographic video recording + 180º tilt/rotation by software using a pair of fisheye USB cameras.






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