My configurations for bash, git, and more.
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My configuration files for bash, vim, git, and more. ⚡️ ⚡️



All bets are off! Install at your own risk.

The dotfiles must be cloned to ~/.dotfiles or some things might break!

git clone ~/.dotfiles

Run the installer.

It will install dependencies, submodules, and setup any necessary symbolic links (or in WSL the files are copied into place because symlinks are mangled in WSL).

On Linux, it will not overwrite anything. If the installer can't create a symlink because an existing file or folder already exists, it will print a notice asking you to move the file out of the way and re-run the installer.

On WSL the files will overwrite existing files.


Open Vim and run :PlugInstall to install the vim dependencies. Vim may complain about missing colorschemes, once the dependencies are installed it will be fine.