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Simple gem to handle jslint.

In a rails project:

$ rails g jslint:update_config
$ vim config/jslint.yml
$ bundle exec jslint path/to/javascript/file.js

As a standalone script:

$ jslint --indent=2 --predef='[\"Ajax\"]' ... path/to/javascript/file.js


Config file lives in config/jslint.yml, following format is accepted:

    anon:       true      # true, if the space may be omitted in anonymous function declarations
    bitwise:    true      # true, if bitwise operators should be allowed
    cap:        true      # true, if upper case HTML should be allowed
    continue:   true      # true, if the continuation statement should be tolerated
    css:        true      # true, if CSS workarounds should be tolerated
    debug:      true      # true, if debugger statements should be allowed
    eqeq:       true      # true, if == should be allowed
    es5:        true      # true, if ES5 syntax should be allowed
    evil:       true      # true, if eval should be allowed
    forin:      true      # true, if for in statements need not filter
    fragment:   true      # true, if HTML fragments should be allowed
    newcap:     true      # true, if constructor names capitalization is ignored
    node:       true      # true, if Node.js globals should be predefined
    nomen:      true      # true, if names may have dangling _
    on:         true      # true, if HTML event handlers should be allowed
    plusplus:   true      # true, if increment/decrement should be allowed
    properties: true      # true, if all property names must be declared with /*properties*/
    regexp:     true      # true, if the . should be allowed in regexp literals
    undef:      true      # true, if variables can be declared out of order
    unparam:    true      # true, if unused parameters should be tolerated
    sloppy:     true      # true, if the 'use strict'; pragma is optional
    stupid:     true      # true, if really stupid practices are tolerated
    sub:        true      # true, if all forms of subscript notation are tolerated
    vars:       true      # true, if multiple var statements per function should be allowed
    white:      true      # true, if sloppy whitespace is tolerated

    maxlen:     150       # the maximum length of a source line
    indent:     2         # the indentation factor
    maxerr:     50        # the maximum number of errors to allow
    passfail:   true      # true, if the scan should stop on first error

    # following are relevant only if undef = false
    browser:    true      # true, if the standard browser globals should be predefined
    rhino:      true      # true, if the Rhino environment globals should be predefined
    windows:    true      # true, if MS Windows-specific globals should be predefined
    widget:     true      # true if the Yahoo Widgets globals should be predefined
    devel:      true      # true, if logging should be allowed (console, alert, etc.)
    - Ajax                # list of predefinied globals


Copyright (c) 2010 Geraud. See LICENSE for details.

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