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Route 53 command line tool

Working with zones

List of the zones in your account

# thor route53:zones

Display the details of a zone

# thor route53:show_zone ZDOG1234566P

Create a new zone

# thor route53:create_zone

Remove a zone

# thor route53:destroy_zone ZDOG1234566P

Changing records

List the records in a zone

# thor route53:records ZDOG1234566P

List a specific type of record in a zone

The following code displays all the MX records a the zone

# thor route53:records ZDOG1234566P mx

Create a new record

The following code adds several MX records to your zone

# thor route53:create_record ZDOG1234566P  -t mx  -n '' -v  \

The following code adds a simple A record to your zone

# thor route53:create_record ZDOG1234566P  -t a  -n '' -v \

Destroy a record

# thor route53:destroy_record ZDOG1234566P 6beef71be5ed57e9fea145c46ddb86ddf2f6e235