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rails engine to add search module on mongo models

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Searchable is a gem to add search interfaces on Mongoid Models. It abstracts all the creation and the mapping of the search options and allow to perform detailed search by calling 2 functions


Just install the gem , add the following line to your Gemfile :

gem 'searchable', :github => "geraudmathe/searchable"


To enable the gem to filter the results based on the given criterias , you have to mount it in routes.rb

#the gem assume the search is done under an /admin namespace
namespace :admin do
    mount Searchable::Engine => "/search"

Now , the searchable engine is able to perform queries based on the parameters filled in the search form.

Given the app contain a model Book like :

class Book
    include Mongoid::Document
    field :title, :type => String
    field :content, :type => String
    field :page, :type => Integer

    has_many :pages
    belongs_to :author

Go in your index view (here app/views/admin/books/index ), and add the following method :

= mongoid_search_form :model => :books

Reload your page, you should see something like :

Searchable form example

As you can see, different search fields based on their respectives types allow to perform research on the model.

The last thing is , you need to catch the result in your controller to get the search result if one exists , or return the classic set of data if there's no result search.

Go in the related Controller (In this example, app/controllers/admin/books_controller.rb) and add :

class Admin::BooksController < ApplicationController
    searchable_resource Book

    def index
        @books =  search_results || Book.all
        respond_to do |format|
            format.html # index.html.erb
            format.json { render json: @books }


Here, we add the method searchable_resource MODEL to enable the matching of the model with the search results, after that , just set the method search_results into your index instance variable value, if some result correspond to the search parameters, they will be returned by search_results, otherwise, the classic set of data returned .


  • Add options in mongoid_search_form method to include or exclude fields in forms
  • Write Specs
  • ….
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