UPnP Media Server for 2018 (Based on MediaTomb)
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Gerbera - UPnP Media Server

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Gerbera is a UPnP media server which allows you to stream your digital media through your home network and consume it on a variety of UPnP compatible devices.

Gerbera is based on MediaTomb which is dead upstream, so this is a community attempt to kick it back into life.

Pull requests are very welcome and reporting issues is encouraged.


View our documentation online at http://docs.gerbera.io.


  • Browse and playback your media via UPnP
  • Metadata extraction from mp3, ogg, flac, jpeg, etc. files.
  • Exif thumbnail support
  • User defined server layout based on extracted metadata (scriptable virtual containers)
  • Automatic directory rescans (timed, inotify)
  • Web UI with a tree view of the database and the file system, allowing to add/remove/edit/browse your media
  • Highly flexible media format transcoding via plugins / scripts
  • Supports last fm scrobbing using lastfmlib
  • On the fly video thumbnail generation with libffmpegthumbnailer
  • Support for external URLs (create links to internet content and serve them via UPnP to your renderer)
  • Support for ContentDirectoryService container updates
  • Active Items (experimental feature), allows execution of server side scripts upon HTTP GET requests to certain items
  • Highly flexible configuration, allowing you to control the behavior of various features of the server
  • runs on Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Mac OS X, eCS
  • runs on x86, Alpha, ARM, MIPS, Sparc, PowerPC

Differences to Mediatomb (So far)

  • Rebranded as Gerbera, new Logo!
  • Actively maintained/developed.
  • Removed bundled libupnp - Now requires upstream 1.8 version.
  • Removed bundled libuuid.
  • Ported to CMake.
  • Enhanced cover art support for MP4, FLAC, Vorbis & WMA files (via TagLib).
  • TagLib handler opens files read only: stops inotify rescanning the dir on access causing "Object not found" see here.
  • Album folders have "creator" metadata (artist).
  • Album folders have artwork: either from external files or the tracks embedded artwork.
  • Per-track external art support: filename-of-track.jp\* (minus the audio file extension).
  • Removed libflac use/dep.
  • Remove libmp4v2 use/dep.
  • Remove id3lib use/dep.
  • Removed broken DVD image support (dvdnav).
  • IPv6 Support
  • Replaced SpiderMonkey (mozjs) dependency with embedded duktape engine.
  • WIP port to "Modern C++" / tidying.
  • Lots of other stuff.
  • Dropped broken youtube support.



Stephen Czetty maintains a Ubuntu PPA.


The latest version and git ebuild are in the main portage tree.


Gerbera is available in AUR stable or git version.


Gerbera is avaiable on software.opensuse.org.


Gerbera is included in Testing and Unstable.

Entware (Optware)

Gerbera is available in Entware for your embedded device/router!


The project has been ported to CMake.

Install prerequisites.

On Ubuntu 16.04

apt-get install uuid-dev libexpat1-dev libsqlite3-dev libmysqlclient-dev \
libmagic-dev libexif-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev
# If building with LibAV/FFmpeg (-DWITH_AVCODEC=1)
apt-get install libavutil-dev libavcodec-dev libavformat-dev libavdevice-dev \
libavfilter-dev libavresample-dev libswscale-dev libswresample-dev libpostproc-dev

The following packages are too old in 16.04 and must be installed from source: taglib (1.11.x), and libupnp (1.8.x).

libupnp must be configured/built with --enable-ipv6. See scripts/install-pupnp18.sh for details.

On FreeBSD

The following has bee tested on FreeBSD 11.0 using a clean jail environment.

  1. Install the required prerequisites as root using either ports or packages. This can be done via Package manager or ports. (pkg manager is used here.) Include mysql if you wish to use that instead of SQLite3.
pkg install wget git autoconf automake libtool taglib cmake gcc libav ffmpeg libexif pkgconf liblastfm gmake
  1. Clone repository, build dependencies in current in ports and then build gerbera.
git clone https://github.com/gerbera/gerbera.git 
mkdir build
cd build
sh ../gerbera/scripts/install-pupnp18.sh
sh ../gerbera/scripts/install-duktape.sh
make -j4
sudo make install

On macOS

The Gerbera Team maintains a Homebrew Tap to allow for easy installation of Gerbera Media Server on macOS.


Quick start build instructions:

git clone https://github.com/gerbera/gerbera.git
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../gerbera -DWITH_MAGIC=1 -DWITH_MYSQL=1 -DWITH_CURL=1 -DWITH_JS=1 \
make -j4
sudo make install

Alternatively, the options can be set using a GUI (make sure to press "c" to configure after toggling settings in the GUI):

git clone https://github.com/gerbera/gerbera.git
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../gerbera
make edit_cache
# Enable some of the WITH... options
make -j4
sudo make install


Lib Version Required? Note Compile-time option Default
libupnp 1.8.3 Required pupnp
libuuid Depends on OS On *BSD native libuuid is used, others require e2fsprogs-libuuid
expat Required
libiconv Required
sqlite3 Required Database storage
zlib Required
duktape 2.1.0 Optional Scripting Support WITH_JS Enabled
mysql Optional Alternate database storage WITH_MYSQL Disabled
curl Optional Enables web services WITH_CURL Enabled
taglib 1.11.1 Optional Audio tag support WITH_TAGLIB Enabled
libmagic Optional File type detection WITH_MAGIC Enabled
ffmpeg/libav Optional File metadata WITH_AVCODEC Disabled
libexif Optional JPEG Exif metadata WITH_EXIF Enabled
libexiv2 Optional Exif, IPTC, XMP metadata WITH_EXIV2 Disabled
lastfmlib 0.4.0 Optional Enables scrobbling WITH_LASTFM Disabled
ffmpegthumbnailer Optional Generate video thumbnails WITH_FFMPEGTHUMBNAILER Disabled
inotify Optional Efficient file monitoring WITH_INOTIFY Enabled



Copyright (C) 2005
   Gena Batyan <bgeradz at mediatomb dot cc>
   Sergey Bostandzhyan <jin at mediatomb dot cc>

Copyright (C) 2006-2008
   Gena Batyan <bgeradz at mediatomb dot cc>
   Sergey Bostandzhyan <jin at mediatomb dot cc>
   Leonhard Wimmer <leo at mediatomb dot cc>

Copyright (C) 2016-2018
    Gerbera Contributors