Gerbil Hyperspectral Visualization and Analysis Framework
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Latest commit 94f7044 Feb 19, 2017 @ypnos ypnos disable state loading for elements deemed dangerous
affects open docks/viewports, selected false coloring
temporary action until new data handling is incorporated
see #34
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cmake fix menu/combobox positioning for Qt 5.7 Aug 21, 2016
core Fix segfault when using TBB from code in command runner Jun 4, 2016
doc QActions introducetd to ModeWidget buttons. Shortcuts introduced to B… Aug 19, 2015
gui disable state loading for elements deemed dangerous Feb 19, 2017
imginput truncate negative values Aug 13, 2016
seg_graphs avoid compiler warnings Jul 10, 2016
seg_meanshift include <algorithm> where needed Apr 19, 2016
shell KLResult, Meanshift::Result::aborted, Command::isAborted(), some cons… Nov 14, 2014
som only flush on output Jul 10, 2016
AUTHORS Add Aleksander Cieślak to AUTHORS Jan 19, 2016
CMakeLists.txt Add NOMINMAX compiler flag for MSVC Apr 19, 2016
LICENSE build all modules by default Oct 21, 2013


This archive contains the Software "gerbil" maintained by Johannes Jordan at the Pattern Recognition Lab, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. See the file AUTHORS for a list of all contributors.


Please refer to the documentation available at


The software contained is licensed to you under the GNU General Public License Version 3. The license can be read in the file LICENSE.


The latest version of the software can be obtained at