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Fix bug in Parrot_io_readline_s()

io_verify_has_read_buffer() expects a flags argument, not the buffer size
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commit bf0701abf61881b12a5e529420d0dde5432854be 1 parent aa8122d
@gerdr authored
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1  src/io/api.c
2  src/io/api.c
@@ -960,7 +960,7 @@ Parrot_io_readline_s(PARROT_INTERP, ARGMOD(PMC *handle), ARGIN(STRING * terminat
io_verify_is_open_for(interp, handle, vtable, PIO_F_READ);
if (read_buffer == NULL)
- read_buffer = io_verify_has_read_buffer(interp, handle, vtable, BUFFER_SIZE_ANY);
+ read_buffer = io_verify_has_read_buffer(interp, handle, vtable, BUFFER_FLAGS_ANY);
/* Because of the way buffering works, the terminator sequence may be,
at most, one character shorter than half the size of the buffer.
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