Based on the original AppleWirelessKeyboard helper utility (, this includes some small changes that allow it to be better used with an Apple wired keyboard.
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AppleWirelessKeyboard for Wired Keyboards

This is a simple modification of the original AppleWirelessKeyboard helper utility by uxsoft which also includes some basic support for the wired variant of the Apple Keyboard.

This utility isn't really useful or needed if you're running BootCamp on a real Mac. Just stick with the Apple BootCamp stuff.

Please note that this tool still doesn't make the Fn key on a wired keyboard work. It just provides wired keyboard users with some decent alternatives.


Download AppleWirelessKeyboard.exe

Build or download the executable AppleWirelessKeyboard.exe and run it. By default it will be configured for use with a wireless keyboard. To enable the wired keyboard fixes, right click the AppleWirelessKeyboard icon in your system tray and choose "Configure."

To fix Eject key handling so that you can use it to toggle between the function keys working as on Windows or Mac once again, check "Wired Keyboard."

You can also use the Eject key to emulate the Fn key by checking the last option. This makes it so that you can press Eject + F1 - F12 and have it work in the same exact manner as pressing Fn + F1 - F12 would.


The original AppleWirelessKeyboard utility is not able to read the state of the 'Fn' key at all when using a wired keyboard. This appears to be a driver issue, but I'm by no means an expert on low-level driver stuff in Windows so maybe it is possible to fix this. It doesn't seem to matter if you're using the default Windows provided driver, or the Apple driver from Lion's BootCamp driver collection... the 'Fn' key remains unreadable via this code.

Using the Apple driver with the wired keyboard, at least for me, only seems to get you half-way there. Next/Previous/Play Fn key combos work, but the volume control key combos don't. Plus you don't get the nice OSD icons when you press them. And again, even with the Apple driver installed, this utility is still not able to read the state of the 'Fn' key.

Basically, I could find no solution at all which worked the way I wanted it to with my wired keyboard.

After playing with the original code for AppleWirelessKeyboard from CodePlex I noticed that the Eject key was still recognized somewhat. Just in a slightly different way then how the original code was set up to recognize it. So, with some minor code tweaks, I was able to fix the code so that the Eject key would work with wired keyboards to allow F key toggling like with a wireless keyboard.

Issues / Missing Functionality

  • The code using iTunesLib has been commented out. I don't use iTunes nor do I have it installed, therefore I don't have a copy of this library so I couldn't build the code until I removed it. I guess it's possible that the default Windows media key mappings for Eject/Fn+F7-F9 could maybe work with iTunes? No idea.
  • No automatic detection of which keyboard you are using (wired or wireless). I'd like to do this, but don't have a wireless keyboard for reference. You will need to set your config manually.
  • 'Fn' key combos still do not work with a wired keyboard. Use the Eject key to toggle F key functionality or enable the Fn key emulation option to use Eject as a substitute Fn key to access Fn key combos.
  • The "Restart" option is gone. This doesn't have a built-in equivalent in WPF.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes virtual key codes used for Home, End, Page Up and Page Down keys (the Fn + Arrow combos available on wireless keyboards).
  • Config settings are now saved. When you re-open the tool your last settings will still be there.
  • The system tray icon now disappears when the tool is closed and the tool now closes properly (the "WPF way").