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Very basic working example 3D tile top-down realtime action "game".
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Tiles³ Framework: Basic Example

A basic working example application of the "Tiles³ Framework" in action. This just show cases a complete but very, very simple application that makes use of:

This basic example is nothing more then a boring walk-around demo. Nothing too exciting as you would expect from something called a "basic example."

Screenshot 2

What is the "Tiles³ Framework"?

This is what I'm calling my own custom "framework" (and I'm using the word loosely here) for building 3D tile-based top-down real-time action games. This framework is built upon libGDX and my own libraries gdx-toolbox and gdx-tilemap3d and builds on the entity and event system in those with a bunch of pre-built subsystems somewhat suitable for building games.

This is NOT intended to be a generic game engine / library. Rather, it is just my common game template (for these specific types of games) which I'm giving a name and putting up for anyone else to use. You will very likely want to heavily customize this, assuming it even meets your needs at all!


You will need Gradle. Clone the repository and then from a terminal:

$ gradle desktop:run

And it should download the project dependencies, build and then run.


[[Write something here briefly explaining the project and code structure]]


Distributed under the the MIT License. See LICENSE for more details.

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