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🗑️ rb, or "recycle bin" is a reimaging of rm
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this is not a suckless project, I just like the logo design

🗑️ rb, or "recycle bin" is a reimaging of rm

Why Use rb?

rb is minimal and stays out of your way, but could save your life (figuratively).

rb works like rm, but instead of deleteing your files, it moves them to the "recylce bin" in ~/.cache/rb. You can delete, retrieve, or list files in the recylce bin. You can also just empty it completely


Usage: rb [OPTION]... [FILE]...
Delete [FILE]s or move them to a cache

  move, m	 move [FILE]s to the 'recycle bin'
  remove, r	 remove [FILE]s
  empty, e	 empty the 'recycle bin'
  delete, d	 remove [FILE]s from the 'recylce bin'
  ls, l		 list files in the 'recylce bin'
  save, s	 return the [FILE]s to the current directory from the 'recycle bin'. If no arguments are supplied, the entire bin is dumped


To save time, you can add this to your .shellrc:

alias rm='rb m'


alias rm='rb'

You can also add this to any script that runs on startup

rb empty
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