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🍱 yaki, organize your life
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🍱 yaki, organize your life



go get -u

What is it?

yaki is an organizer. The main components of udon are groups, items, and tags. groups can contain any number of groups and items. An item can have a tag witch is displayed next to the item when it is displayed.


Usage: yaki [OPTION] [PATH]
Organize your life

--help, --h: Display this information
[l]ist [PATH]: List all of the items and groups in [PATH]
[a]dd [PATH] [STRING]: Create a new item or group
[t]ag [NAME] [COLOR] [SYMBOL]: Create a new tag
[r]emove [PATH]: Remove an item or group
[e]dit [PATH] [NAME/STRING]: Edit the text of an item or name of a group
[TAG-NAME] [PATH]: Apply tag to an item
[NONE]: List the "root" group

Basic Usage


List The root group

yaki ls

List the foo group

yaki ls foo

List the foo/bar group

yaki ls foo/bar

Creating new items and groups

Create a new item in the root group

yaki add Hello, World

Create a new group in the root group

yaki add hello/

Create a new item in the hello group

yaki add hello/ Hello, World

Create a new group in the hello group

yaki add hello/world


Create a new tag

yaki tag done 70 ✔

Apply a tag to an item

yaki done 1

Removing items

Removing an item

yaki remove 1

Removing a group

yaki remove hello

Removing an item in a group

yaki remove hello/2


Editing an item

yaki edit 1 Hello, World

Editing a group

yaki edit helo hello

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