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A shader for Unity that generates moving grating patterns.




This repository includes a Unity project in the UnityGratingShader folder, however to make use of the shader you only need the GratingShader.shader file from the Assets folder.

  • Start a Unity project or open an existing one

  • Copy the GratingShader.shader file into the Assets folder

  • Right click in the Assets directory, select: Create > Material new_material

  • Select the material and in the Inspector set the Shader to Custom/GratingPattern custom_shader

GameObject mode

You can apply this material to any GameObject that has a Mesh Renderer component.

Full screen mode

To render a grating pattern such that it covers the whole screen:

  • Download the FullScreenMaterial.cs script
  • Put it in your Assets forlder
  • Select the Main Camera of your scene and drag the script onto the inspector
  • Choose a material you want to render as the Material property of the script


You can customize how the grating pattern looks by selecting a Material that uses the GratingShader and changing its values in the inspector.


  • Direction controls which way the lines of the pattern are aligned (in degrees). 0 is completely horizontal with the lines moving from top to bottom. Increasing the value rotates the pattern clockwise.
  • Speed controls how fast the animation is playing. Note: The animation only plays while you are in play mode.
  • Density controls how many lines are drawn
  • Modulation can be toggled between Sine and Square. The former results in smooth edges, the latter in sharp ones.
  • Tint Color as the name implies tints the pattern with the selected color.
  • Starting Phase sets an offset in degrees. This is proportional to the frequency so an offset of 360 looks exactly the same as 0.
  • Texture can be optionally set to any image that you imported as an asset by dragging it onto the texture property. The image will be overlayed to the pattern. Tip: For a smooth circular cutoff you can use the Default-Particle texture built into Unity (press the Select button).


A shader for Unity that generates moving grating patterns




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