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# path to this script
target_path=$(realpath -m $0)
# path to the link which is used to call this script
link_path=$(realpath -s $0)
if [ "$target_path" == "$link_path" ]
# this script called directly
# exactly one argument should be given
if [ $# != 1 ]
echo "Creates a symlink which can be used to fire your .ipy file."
echo "Proposed solution is useful when you would like to have IPython executing"
echo "your script, but at the same time you need to get rid of .ipy extension."
echo "SYNTAX:"
echo $(basename $0) "yourfile.ipy"
echo "Name of the symlink will correspod to .ipy file. You should not change it."
echo "The symlink will target this script. By calling the symlink you will fire .ipy"
echo "file. All the arguments will be forwarded to your .ipy script."
exit 1
# name of .ipy file which should be given as argument
# see bash substitutions to understant the syntax
# make a symlink to this script
# name of the symlink should be the same as the name of .ipy file
# given as the argument
ln -s "$target_path" "$ipy_filename"
# this script called by symlink
# call ipython to execute .ipy file of the same name as the
# name of the symlink that was used to call this script
# all the arguments will be forwarded to .ipy script
/usr/bin/env ipython $0.ipy "$@"
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