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Edit Labels - LabVIEW DropDown Plugin
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Edit Labels - LabVIEW DropDown Plugin

Refactor your LabVIEW code using Python script. This plugin allows you to rename labels of controls/indicators in bulk.


  • Python 3
  • LabVIEW 2015


  1. Install Python interpreter and add it to PATH system variable.

  2. Copy content of Plugin directory to:


  3. Restart LabVIEW


  1. Select controls/indicators of your choice
  2. Open QuickDrop window (Ctrl+Space)
  3. Open Edit Labels window (Ctrl+E)
  4. Select predefined script of your choice, or define it by self
  5. Press Execute and OK


  • You can write own predefined scripts. Just save them in:

    <LabVIEW>\resource\dialog\QuickDrop\plugins\Edit Labels Scripts

  • Shortcut (Ctrl+E) can be redefined. After opening QuickDrop window window press Configure... button.

Script Syntax

Scripts used by this plugin are regular Python scripts. What you need to do is:

  • iterate through predefined labels variable that contains text of all selected labels
  • print new text for each label to stdout (one label per line)




Click below to play video!


Predefined Scripts

Plugin comes with following scripts already predefined:

Add prefix
input output
Amplitude foo.Amplitude
Frequency foo.Frequency
Phase foo.Phase
Remove prefix
input output
Amplitude Amplitude
foo.Frequency Frequency
bar.Phase Phase
Recover index
input output
Amplitude Amplitude 1
Frequency Frequency 1
Phase Phase 1
Amplitude 2 Amplitude 2
Frequency 2 Frequency 2
Phase 2 Phase 2
Amplitude 3 Amplitude 3
Frequency 3 Frequency 3
Phase 3 Phase 3
Increment index
input output
Amplitude Amplitude
Frequency 0 Frequency 1
Frequency 1 Frequency 2
Frequency 2 Frequency 3
Decrement index
input output
Amplitude Amplitude
Frequency 0 Frequency 0
Frequency 1 Frequency 0
Frequency 2 Frequency 1
Move index to the front of prefix
input output
foo.Frequency 0 foo0.Frequency
foo.Frequency 1 foo1.Frequency
foo.Frequency 2 foo2.Frequency
Move index to the front of label
input output
foo0.Frequency foo.Frequency 0
foo1.Frequency foo.Frequency 1
foo2.Frequency foo.Frequency 2
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