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PForum is a private forum. It is intended to be used for your domestic pourposes - communication with friends, organizing events, working on projects.

PForum doesn't assume presenting posts in public. Users can be registered only by administrator. It has been developed as an extension of a Smart TV. The goal was to provide basic functionality to the users who are less experienced with using state of the art tools offered by the internet.


Python2, and following packages are required:

  • pycrypto
  • Markdown

Additionally you may wont to use uwsgi. This is optional though.


Reset database by invoking ./commands/resetdb

To start the server simply run ./commands/start script. This is preferred method for development. If you want to use uwsgi, feel free to use ./commands/uwsgi_* scripts. Please also edit relevant script if you would like to change port.

Log in as 'admin', without password.


  1. Logging in

    There are three options to log in:

  2. Creating a thread

    Just give a title and press 'create' button. Optionally you can specify who will have an access to your thread. For that you need to provide comma separated nick names. Alternatively you can leave 'users' field empty, which means that everyone who is currently registered will get the access. The last option is to put asterix (*) to the user field. This means that the thread will be public which means that it will be open for everyone who is already registered or who will be registered in the future. Author is always added to the list of users.

  3. Removing a thread

    Press red x button next to the title of the thread which you would like to remove. The thread will disappear from you view, but it will remain visible to the other users until they remove it from their views too. Public threads cannot be removed.

  4. Creating a post

    Just write something and press 'post' button. You can use Markdown syntax. PForum supports it's subset. There are many tutorials and examples on the internet where you can learn about Markdown.

  5. Administration

    All the administrative tasks can be performed either by editing forum.db file, or by using web interface. For the first option you need an SQLite editor, for instance 'sqlitebrowser' from For the second option you need to log in to the forum as a privileged user and then go to the admin panel: http://domain:port/admin Please read the hints in the admin panel before making any changes.

  6. Advanced editing

    It is possible to use plain HTML in your posts. Please check 'examples' directory to learn more.

Release Notes


  • Removable threads
  • List of users
  • Editable profile
  • Reduced number of emot icons


  • Initial version


Ideas for further development:

  1. Forum can be turned into the one which can be accessible anonymously. For example double asterix (**) in 'user' field would mean read access for anonymous users.

  2. There may be a need of giving rights for reading and writing separately.

  3. Empty 'user' field could rather mean that the user want to grant the rights to the guests from his 'preffered users' list. If his 'preffered users' list is empty then all registered users would have the rights granted (as it works now).

  4. USERS table could be expanded by 'email' and 'notes' fields for administrative pourposes.