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What is wMUD?

wMUD is a MUD code base. It is written from scratch, using GLib and CURL.
Although it is just another MUD code base, I tried to add unique features, and
also tried to make it as flexible as possible.

What are the key features?

wMUD stores everything in an SQLite3 database, and everything really means
everything. The whole world is dynamic, and most of it can be defined without
touching the code itself. Possible directions, areas, rooms, items, mobs,
races, classes and all important apects of the world are in the database
backend, and as such, can be reloaded runtime without stopping the MUD.

wMUD is modular. Except the basic commands, everything is loaded via dynamic
modules (well, on systems which support it). This again helps flexibility, as
commands, spells, and many more can be loaded or unloaded runtime. This, of
cource can sometimes cause funny things in game play (characters disappearing
because of unloaded race), but everything can be explained with a good story.
Or, if you are not creative enough, you can simply disable this functionality.

wMUD is a threaded application using GLib's GThread functionality. All tasks
are done by separate threads, so the game can run as smoothly as possible. The
game world is ran by one thread. Database updating is done by a separate
maintenance thread. This may cause some lags in the database update process,
but whenever it causes trouble, wizards can force the maintenance thread to
start immediately. The Out-of-Game chat functions also run in different

Why writing a new codebase?

The MUD codebases out there (well, the ones that are freely available) are a
bit outdated. Yes, I know that in the world of MMORPG games even MUD is
outdated, but who cares?

The other part of the story is that I needed challenge. Writing such a software
while creating a world to run in it is a huge job. However, creating a world in
a codebase that does not really support the features I need requires a lot of
coding. I realized it early during the world building with CircleMUD, so I've
decided to create a new codebase even if I have to recode everything from
scratch. As GLib, SQLite3 and CURL are at my hands, even if I'm just trying to
get to know them, it was not that hard.

How can I help in development, or add my own stuff?

wMUD's development, so as other MUD codebases', is no easy task. Although each
thread is coded in a separate file (except the game thread), threading makes it
even difficult. I try to make this task as easy as possible with comments and
an API reference, but this is also a hard goal to accomplish. If you really
want to mess with things, the file HACKING is just the place for you.