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Browser Extension



The extension uses React for the extension popup, the options and bookmark pages. src/index.js is the single entry point for the UI. The src/pages and src/components directories contain the React components that make up the interface. The src/assets/styles directory contains the style sheets (Sass). The UI occasionally uses some of the utilities defined in src/utils.

Background Scripts

The src/BackgroundScripts directory contains the two background scripts. background.js is mostly responsible for executing logic during the extension install and update. Additionally chrome.notification and chrome.alarms are done here. messaging.js functions largely as a proxy for content scripts to make network calls that the content scripts themselves are unable to because of browser security policies. The background scrips use src/utils extensively as ES6 modules.

Content Scripts

src/ContentScripts and its steam subdirectory contain the content scripts that run on pages where the extension adds functionality. They manipulate the DOM, add additional logic, communicate with messaging.js, inject js and styling into the page context to override and augment the page. src/manifest.json determines witch content script runs on which page. The content scrips use src/utils extensively as ES6 modules.

Development, build, deploy


npm run start starts the development mode. Webpack creates an initial build in build and re-compiles when changes are saved. The extension can be loaded from this directory. Changes to the UI are applied, but the pages have to be reopened. To apply changes to a content or background script the extension has to be reloaded. Webpack runs the linter on code save and linting problems are printed when they occur.


npm run build creates a complete build in the build directory. he extension can be loaded form there afterwards.


AWS CodeBuild is manually started. The configuration is in buildspec.yml. The resulting .zip files are pushed to S3 then manually published to the corresponding platforms. They are also made available at{chrome/firefox}.zip through CloudFront.

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