Sets up and manages Corosync.
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corosync: MVP implementation of a module to manage Corosync, primarily the
Pacemaker portion.

There are two things this module has: Puppet manifests to install and create
initial configurations needed to get things up and running.  A set of types and
providers you can subsequently use to configure various Corosync resources, like
primitives or collocations.

I built this against Debian Squeeze with backports enabled so, since it is a MVP
it only current supports Debian since some paths are hardcoded.  Examples on how
to get started are in the tests directory.  Sadly I have not had enough time to
write proper rspec for either for types, providers, or manifests.  More
documentation can be found in the manifests and the type/providers if you either
read them or print them out with "puppet {describe, doc}".

I learned a lot writing the module.  It was one of the last things I started
before moving from the Professional Services team to Operations here at Puppet
Labs.  Working on it keeps popping up here and there, which it interrupting my
new duties so I am cutting a release in its current state for people to descend
upon and improve.  I'll still keep taking jabs at it now and again but Corosync
is a beast with its own assumptions and I don't think I could every stop
improving on this module.