2048 game for the CHIP-8 virtual machine
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This is an implementation of the 2048 game for the CHIP-8 virtual machine.

To build it, you need a CHIP-8 assembler, for example Chip8 1.1.



Because of the low resolution of the CHIP-8 display, instead of using powers of 2, this port simply uses digits from 0 to 9 to represent tile values. This means two 0 tiles can fuse to form a 1 tile, two 1 tiles can fuse to form a 2 tile, and so on. The objective, then, is to fuse two 9 tiles.

The current version doesn't check for this victory condition yet, and so two 9 tiles happily overflow to an A tile.

Controls are:

  • 2 to slide up
  • 8 to slide down
  • 4 to slide left
  • 6 to slide right