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<title>deliver(1) - takes your code into production</title>
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<a href="#NAME">NAME</a>
<a href="#SYNOPSIS">SYNOPSIS</a>
<a href="#CHECK">CHECK</a>
<ol class='man-decor man-head man head'>
<li class='tl'>deliver(1)</li>
<li class='tc'>Deliver Manual</li>
<li class='tr'>deliver(1)</li>
<h2 id="NAME">NAME</h2>
<p class="man-name">
<code>deliver</code> - <span class="man-whatis">takes your code into production</span>
<p><code>deliver strategies</code> <br />
<code>deliver check</code> <br />
<code>deliver [-s strategy]</code> <br /></p>
<p>Deliver is a pure bash deployment tool with virtually no dependencies. It only
cares about having enough info in the shell environment to do its job. Why add
Ruby or Python wrappers on top of system commands when bash was built for this?</p>
<p><code>deliver strategies</code> will list all available strategies. The default strategies
make certain assumptions, but they are fully modular and customizable.</p>
<dt class="flush"><code>ruby</code></dt><dd><p><a href="">Foreman</a>-aware, uses upstart by default. Works seamlessly with
<a href="">rvm</a>. <em>This is the default strategy</em></p></dd>
<dt class="flush"><code>nodejs</code></dt><dd><p>Heavily inspired by the ruby strategy, also foreman-aware, defaults to
<dt><code>gh-pages</code></dt><dd><p>How many times did you find yourself copying that rake task which generates
and publishes to <a href="">github:pages</a> your project's <a href="">docco</a> or <a href="">rocco</a>?
With deliver, just run <code>deliver -s gh-pages</code> from the app's root path.</p></dd>
<dt><code>generated</code></dt><dd><p><a href="">rocco</a>, <a href="">Jekyll</a> or even your own custom generator, everything goes.
Every deliver is a commit on the generated branch. This then gets pushed out to
all remote hosts (or just to github:pages).</p></dd>
<h2 id="CHECK">CHECK</h2>
<p><code>deliver check</code> will ensure that everything is set up correctly. You can also
use this to see your final configuration.</p>
<p>You can set a default mode via the MODE environment variable. The running mode
as a command option will always overwrite the MODE variable.</p>
<p>For example, you can have a <code>MODE=verbose</code> in your <code>.deliver/config</code> file, but
when running deliver with the <code>--debug</code> option, the MODE for that one run will
be <em>verbose</em>.</p>
<dt><code>-C</code>, <code>--compact</code> (or <code>MODE=compact</code>)</dt><dd><p>Only shows the description and progress of each running task, regardless
how many hosts it's running on. Both standard and error output will be
silenced. <em>This is the default mode</em></p></dd>
<dt><code>-V</code>, <code>--verbose</code> (or <code>MODE=verbose</code>)</dt><dd><p>Will not silence output of the running task. Great for troubleshooting or
getting feedback from all tasks.</p></dd>
<dt><code>-D</code>, <code>--debug</code> (or <code>MODE=debug</code>)</dt><dd><p>Runs the entire script in standard shell debug mode, shows every line of
bash that gets executed along with the task output. Well suited when writing
your own strategies or customizing existing ones.</p></dd>
<p>Deliver is Copyright (C) 2012 <a href="">Gerhard Lazu</a></p>
<ol class='man-decor man-foot man foot'>
<li class='tl'>Deliver 0.6.0-pre</li>
<li class='tc'>August 2012</li>
<li class='tr'>deliver(1)</li>
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