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What's new in deliver 0.6.0

  • generated strategy with built-in support for ROCCO. Other generators (including Jekyll or Octopress) are supported via GENERATE_CMD.
  • automatically handles host authorization. On the initial deliver, if the hosts were not in ~/.ssh/known\_hosts, they had to be allowed manually, via the prompt. This is OK for local enviroments, but would not work for CI.
  • handles remote host authorization explicitly, via AUTHORIZED_REMOTE_HOSTS (think private npm modules & private ruby gems, self-hosted)
  • pre & post hooks for the most common functions (eg. pre_init_app_remotely, post_launch etc.)

Thanks to Dan Palmer, there's now a deliver chef cookbook, perfect if you want to have your CI take code into production. This makes it very easy to turn your Jenkins into a continous delivery system, just add deliver --verbose to your build command.


REMOTE has been removed.


SERVERS has been replaced with HOSTS.

What's new in deliver 0.5.0

  • multi-host capable, leveraging bash jobs for parallel execution
  • ability to deliver specific git branches (used to be only master)
  • deliver check command which ensures that deliver has everything it needs to push the code remotely. Good way of checking that the correct configs have been applied.
  • deliver -h|--help for a summary of commands, modes and options.
  • every time deliver runs, it logs all commands to /tmp/deliver-[app-name]
  • now handling SSH timeouts and interrupts (think Ctrl+C)
  • automatic host key authentication when using git submodules
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