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Standalone resque-web, ready to go with unicorn (foreman & deliver aware)

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Q is a thin wrapper on top of resque-web. It gives you visibility across all your resque compliant background workers.

When you have many resque or sidekiq background workers spread across many hosts, it helps to have a single place that will show what all of them are doing. The workers might exist part of different apps, or they can be standalone background services.

Deploying Q with deliver is as simple as:

$ HOSTS=ruby-host-1,ruby-host-2 deliver

For more deliver options, run deliver check

Smaller is better

Many small workers are far better than few big ones that know it all. Not all workers need to know about your models or even connect to your database. Only load the code that will be used. If your workers are loading the entire Rails app, you are doing it wrong.

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