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Plain port of JBox2D (no XNA)
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Hello everybody. This is plain port of JBox2D to .Net

This is converted using JLCA Java to C# code converter which you can find in Visual Studio 2005. Now we need to fix all converting issues (there are not so much of them) and run it.

Main goal for me is to get a .Net version of Box2D which doesn't depend on XNA or other frameworks. It will be better to call this project Plain Box2D.Net :)

Conversion of code was performed for revision 557 from

Now code is synced with revision 578.

Library compiles!

Current tasks: 1) Fix all problems with different behaviour of Java and .Net code. 2) Remove as much //UPGRADE_* commentS as I can. 3) Refactor code 4) Try to implement some test framework

TODO: GearJoint.cs

Feel free to contribute.

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