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After copy-pasting my own code around so many times, it seemed prudent to derive a library of sorts. I use this codebase to quickly hack an experiment together. I consider it to be the equivalent of a notepad.


Contains typical usage examples:

online demo: Classic Flocking Behaviours;
online demo: Color Similarity Heatmap;
online demo: Curve Smoothing;
online demo: Voronoi diagrams with k-means;
online demo: Neural networks;
online demo: Polynomials;
online demo: Vollyball Game;
many more at:

An actual engine, of sorts. Ties a few components together.

Some useful pre-made entities. Components frequently used, but not part of the core

Math oriented features.

Several datastructures.

Optional files. You won't need them, I do.

Code sourced from open source projects. Each file contains more details about its origin.

Work in progress

Texture transformations
Textures are commonly manipulated by the following operations: resize, translate, skew, clip, rotate. The current implementation doesn't support everything yet, nor is it very structured. Mostlikely an optional 3 by 3 matrix will be introduced to allow for most transformations. A matrix also works tightly with the scheduled Web GL renderer.

Extend the entity with physics and refined collision shapes - or defer to, say, box2D. (will never happen)

IE and iPad support are lacking. Also "audio sprites" must be implemented.

Muli-touch controls
This API has yet to be exposed. I have plans.

This API has yet to be exposed. I have plans.

Web Sockets
The client side is easy, but further study needs to be done for a generic server implementation, e.g., a server that simply forwards all messages to all clients is open for abuse - some form of authentication needs to be performed.


Copyright (C) 2013 Gerard J. Meier

N.B. I cannot quite agree with any pre-made license thus far - until I figure this out, a default copyright is to be assumed. Most code is very poorly structured, so I can imagine as a whole this project has little use. I certainly don't use it for production code.


My personal playground library with algorithms, mathematics and visualisation.




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