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This is a super simple HTTP Server written in Java for fun and learning. It accepts HTTP requests and allows you to easily handle them.

Starting and stopping

To start the server you need to instantiate the net.gescobar.httpserver.HttpServer class and call the start() method:

HttpServer server = new HttpServer(3000); // 3000 is the port to listen from, change it as needed
// somewhere else

Handling HTTP requests

To handle HTTP requests you will need to provide an implementation of the net.gescobar.httpserver.Handler interface. For example:

public class MyHandler implements Handler {
    public void handle(Request request, Response response) {
        if (request.getPath().equals("/")) {
            response.ok().write("<h1>Hola Mundo</h1>");
        } else {

To use your implementation, set it in the HttpServer instance:

HttpServer server = new HttpServer(3000, new MyHandler());
// or
server.setHandler( new MyHandler() );

If you don't provide a net.gescobar.httpserver.Handler implementation, the default one (that returns status 200 OK with no content) will be used.

That's it! As you can see, it's a simple, yet powerful design that will allow you to handle HTTP requests. You can extend it to provide new services such as static resources handling, session management and routing.