A desktop app for previewing and printing ZPL through a Zebra
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A desktop app for previewing and printing ZPL files through a Zebra. Made with .NET C#


  • Print using the print dialog
  • Preview using Labelary.com (requires Internet connection)
  • Open ZPL files (manually or via file type association)


This project uses Labery.com API for generating a visual representation of the label from the ZPL code. So if you want to preview before printing, you will require an Internet connection. The API returns a PDF and it is displayed in a System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser


This project uses .NET's System.Windows.Forms.PrintDialog, as shown in these posts:

"Zebra ZPL II Utility"

There is this similar project from 2010: https://zebrazpliiutlity.codeplex.com/ but it has two problems:

  • No preview
  • It doesn't let you associate ZPL files ("open with...")

Suggested usage

  1. Associate .ZPL files to open with this utility
  2. Create ZPL code from your own software and output to a file, ie. foo.zpl
  3. In your software, use something like System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("foo.ZPL")
  4. Windows will open the .ZPL with this utility