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Accordion control for Enyo 2
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Accordion for Enyo 2


This is an accordion kind for Enyo 2. Tap/Click on an accordion item to toggle (open/close) that item. Only 1 item can be open at a time, however all items can be closed at the same time.

How to Use

First include the Accordion lib:

<script src="../../../Accordion/package.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Then instantiate your accordion kind:

{kind: "Accordion", headerHeight: 40, onViewChange: "viewChanged", components: [
	// First item of accordion
	{kind: "AccordionItem", headerTitle: "Accordion Header 1", contentComponents:[
		// Add whatever you want here
	// Second item of accordion
	{kind: "AccordionItem", headerTitle: "Accordion Header 2", contentComponents:[
		// Add whatever you want here


  • headerHeight -> Integer: Specifies the height in pixels of the visible tap/click area for the accordion's items. Defaults to 40.


  • getItems() -> Returns an array of objects, containing the items in the accordion.
  • toggleItem(index) -> Toggles (open/close) the index position item of the accordion. Ex: this.$.accordion.toggleItem( this.$.accordion.getItems()[ 0 ] )


  • onViewChange: "" -> Returns the object containing the currently open accordion item. Returns false if all items are toggled closed.


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