Using morf.js within Enyo on webOS. This is based on the original, found at:
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This is a demo app showing how to integrate morf.js with the enyo framework on the webOS platform.

What is morf.js? Per the original morf.js github readme:

Morf.js is a Javascript work-around for hardware accelerated CSS3 transitions with custom easing functions. Ever wanted to produce CSS transitions with more compelling effects than just linear, ease, ease-out, ease-in or cubic-bezier? Well now you can!

I wrote this demo app ... however, i did not write morf.js. I would actually have to be smart to do something like that. That being said, please do not report any morf.js issues/requests to me, because I can't help you there. I can barely do anything more than bang a rock against a coconut.

Morf.js was created by Joe Lambert. Follow the progress of morf.js at the following locations:

Web: Github:

For webOS/enyo-specific questions/concerns when using morf.js, please contact me on twitter:

User: @germboy URL:!/germboy