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utron is a lightweight MVC framework in Go (Golang) for building fast, scalable and robust database-driven web applications.


  • Postgres, MySQL, SQLite and Foundation database support
  • Modular (you can choose which components to use)
  • Middleware support. All alice compatible Middleware works out of the box
  • Gopher spirit (write golang, use all the golang libraries you like)
  • Lightweight. Only MVC
  • Multiple configuration files support (currently json, yaml, toml and hcl)


utron is a lightweight MVC framework. It is based on the principles of simplicity, relevance and elegance.

  • Simplicity. The design is simple, easy to understand and doesn't introduce many layers between you and the standard library. It is a goal of the project that users should be able to understand the whole framework in a single day.

  • Relevance. utron doesn't assume anything. We focus on things that matter, this way we are able to ensure easy maintenance and keep the system well-organized, well-planned and sweet.

  • Elegance. utron uses golang best practises. We are not afraid of heights, it's just that we need a parachute in our backpack. The source code is heavily documented, any functionality should be well explained and well tested.


After two years of playing with golang, I have looked on some of my projects and asked myself: "How golang is that?"

So, utron is my reimagining of lightweight MVC, that maintains the golang spirit, and works seamlessly with the current libraries.


utron works with Go 1.4+

 go get github.com/gernest/utron

For the Old API use

go get gopkg.in/gernest/utron.v1


Sample application


Start with clicking the star button to make the author and his neighbors happy. Then fork the repository and submit a pull request for whatever change you want to be added to this project.

If you have any questions, just open an issue.


Geofrey Ernest

Twitter : @gernesti


These amazing projects have made utron possible:


This project is released under the MIT licence. See LICENCE for more details.