Minimal Unit Testing Library
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TST Library

Minimal Unit Testing Library.

Author: Gidon Ernst

Feedback is welcome! I'd appreciate to hear whether anyone found this library useful.

Motivation & Overview

Inspired by minunit. ScalaTest is too large for my taste.

The library consists of a single trait, Test, that is inherited by test suites. You can then write

test("simple examples) {
    x expect 2
    x inspect { _ % 2 == 0 }
    x throws[IOException]


sbt compile
sbt package
sbt publishLocal # if you want to use it in other projects locally

Quick Reference

  • x expect y compares an actual value x to an expected one y and requires these to be equal
  • x inspect p requires that the result of x satisfies predicate p
  • x throws[E] requires that evaluating x throws an exception of the indicated type E (or one of its subtypes)
  • abort(msg) aborts a running test with a given message
  • Feel free to add your own checkers, throw a Bug(msg) exception on failure

You will get a summary for each test set up in this way, indicating the first failed assertion resp. success of the entire test plus some timing information. Note that expect and inspect fail when x throws an exception.

To build test suites simply put a sequence of test calls into methods. Parallel collections of lazy values ( may be useful to run tests in parallel


Implicit class Assertions decorates values of any type with the above mentioned methods. The companion object Test provides two exception types that are triggere internally, Bug and Abort, where the first signals a failed test and the second signals an explicit cancellation via abort(msg).