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Branch: feature/clinpm
Commits on May 13, 2012
  1. @javruben

    Merged with master

    javruben authored
  2. @zefhemel

    Merge pull request #1483 from ajaxorg/hotfix/packager_you_quit

    zefhemel authored
    updated apf and packager to latest versions
  3. @zefhemel

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into hotfix/packager_you…

    zefhemel authored
  4. @zefhemel
  5. @zefhemel

    Merge pull request #1482 from ajaxorg/update-apf

    zefhemel authored
    Rebuild APF
  6. @zefhemel

    Merge pull request #1467 from ajaxorg/fix/static-infra

    zefhemel authored
    Fixed static URLs to also work in the infra setup.
  7. @mattpardee

    Merge pull request #1492 from ajaxorg/tree/reveal_file_option

    mattpardee authored
    Add "reveal in tree" pref for files; fix dropdowns in preferences
  8. @mattpardee

    Merge pull request #1463 from ajaxorg/hotfix/transparantwindows

    mattpardee authored
    * changed skin for two windows to have a transparent modal state
  9. @gjtorikian

    Merge branch 'tree/reveal_file_option' of i…

    gjtorikian authored
    …nto tree/reveal_file_option
  10. @gjtorikian
  11. @gjtorikian
  12. @javruben
  13. @mattpardee
  14. @gjtorikian

    XML/UI text updates

    gjtorikian authored
  15. @mattpardee

    Merge pull request #1485 from ajaxorg/revision_fixes

    mattpardee authored
    Revision fixes
  16. @mattpardee
  17. @mattpardee

    Merge resolution

    mattpardee authored
  18. @mattpardee


    mattpardee authored
  19. @javruben

    Merge pull request #1446 from ajaxorg/hotfix/helpcmd

    javruben authored
    Fixed help command and the way command helper messages are output
Commits on May 12, 2012
  1. @mattpardee
  2. @mattpardee

    Merge pull request #1491 from ajaxorg/fix/tree_shortcuts

    mattpardee authored
    Block keypressing when opening from tree
  3. @javruben

    Merge pull request #1489 from ajaxorg/hotfix/nodeexiterror

    javruben authored
    Removed unnecessary node exit error message handling
  4. @javruben

    Merge pull request #1493 from ajaxorg/hotfix/1072

    javruben authored
    Scroll to top of viewport on new search
  5. @mattpardee

    Better scroll

    mattpardee authored
  6. @mattpardee
  7. @gjtorikian
  8. @javruben
  9. @javruben
  10. @gjtorikian
  11. @mattpardee
  12. @javruben

    Merge pull request #1488 from ajaxorg/hotfix/trscrollonshow

    javruben authored
    Scroll tree back to its saved position on show
  13. @mattpardee
  14. @javruben
  15. @javruben

    * Added activeTimeout = null everywhere where it was cleared, otherwi…

    javruben authored
    …se the variable is always set after the first time.
  16. @javruben
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