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branch: feature/jvm
Commits on Feb 28, 2012
  1. @mostafaeweda
  2. @mostafaeweda

    Merge again with master

    mostafaeweda authored
  3. @mostafaeweda
  4. @mostafaeweda
  5. @mostafaeweda

    prepare for master merge

    mostafaeweda authored
Commits on Feb 27, 2012
  1. @sergi

    Merge pull request #1008 from ajaxorg/issues/fonts-windows

    sergi authored
    Nice fonts on Windows
  2. @sergi

    Merge pull request #1007 from ajaxorg/issues/reconnect-2

    sergi authored
    URL was relative by accident, should instead point to root of app
  3. @janjongboom

    Nice fonts on Windows

    janjongboom authored
  4. @janjongboom

    Merge pull request #640 from clownfart/master

    janjongboom authored
    Added fallback to the font stacks.
  5. @janjongboom
  6. @sergi

    Merge pull request #995 from ajaxorg/colorpicker-hsla

    sergi authored
    Colorpicker tests + hsla support
Commits on Feb 26, 2012
  1. @zefhemel

    Merge pull request #1001 from ajaxorg/issues/reconnect-2

    zefhemel authored
    Reconnect URL is wrong on infra
Commits on Feb 25, 2012
  1. @janjongboom
  2. @zefhemel

    Merge pull request #978 from ajaxorg/ext/tab_closing

    zefhemel authored
    UI Fixes for save on close + new tab functionality
  3. @gjtorikian

    Escape filenames in save.js

    gjtorikian authored
Commits on Feb 24, 2012
  1. @zefhemel

    Merge pull request #968 from ajaxorg/hotfix/console_updates

    zefhemel authored
    Hotfix/console updates
  2. @zefhemel

    Merge pull request #996 from ajaxorg/feature/newthemes

    zefhemel authored
    New ACE theme, Chrome
  3. @mattpardee

    New theme, Chrome

    mattpardee authored
  4. @janjongboom
  5. @janjongboom

    Merge pull request #988 from ajaxorg/hotfix/sbevents

    janjongboom authored
    Other plugins should not require the status bar themselves, but play nice instead
  6. @janjongboom
  7. asyncjs

    Cloud9 user authored
  8. @janjongboom
  9. @jcsrb
  10. @sergi

    Merge pull request #989 from ajaxorg/issues/green-debugger-line

    sergi authored
    Debugger highlights lines that shouldnt be highlighted
  11. @fjakobs

    Merge pull request #990 from ajaxorg/issues/tree-from-settings

    fjakobs authored
    xmlToXpath can return false by spec. Let's not add those items to the settings file anymore
  12. @janjongboom
  13. @mattpardee

    Finally, a proper way to ensure all plugins are

    mattpardee authored
    sent to the tools menu of the statusbar - only after
    the statusbar has been initialized. Also added a
    position property so they're at least more consistently
  14. @janjongboom
  15. @janjongboom
  16. @mattpardee

    Also fade in the box shadow

    mattpardee authored
  17. @mattpardee

    Fix for strip whitespace not showing and a proper

    mattpardee authored
    build of APF based on apf_cloud9.apr
  18. @mattpardee
  19. @mattpardee

    Fixed many styling issues, menu arrow placement,

    mattpardee authored
    new APF for menu positioning and hiding issues
Commits on Feb 23, 2012
  1. @gjtorikian

    Fix tabsessions UI

    gjtorikian authored
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